We are Middlesbrough Environment City (Often abbreviated to MEC or MEnvCity), a charity dedicated to promoting healthy and sustainable living using the ten principles of One Planet Living. We work extensively in and around the Tees Valley to support healthy lifestyles and create sustainable change through community action and events. We also run numerous events across the calendar year.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for our community, through sustainability and the promotion of healthy living, whilst reducing the impact on Earth’s resources. After all, there is no other home waiting for us: If we can save the planet while helping the community, we will gladly do so! We aim to do this through a variety of different projects, many of which can be seen by clicking on one of the tabs above.

They are not an exhaustive list: Our work covers a great boundary of industries and disciplines. We also work alongside a huge array of various companies and groups across the local and wider community.

We hope that you enjoy our website, and maybe even take some encouragement and inspiration from it and the work that we do.


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24 Carrot Gold Food Summit

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