Meet The Team

The Management Board

The work of MEC is overseen is by a management board chaired by Councillor Julia Rostron and made up of Trustees from the public, private, voluntary and community sectors. The Board meets four times a year and contributes to the organisation’s annual business plan, as well as scrutinising MEC’s project programme and finances.


The Director, Projects Manager and Partnership Liaison Officer are Middlesbrough Council employees seconded in to manage the Charity whilst the rest of the team are employed directly by MEC to lead and support projects.

Brian Simpson – Director
Diane Hatfield – Finance and Admin. Manager
Margaret Tonkin – Partnership Liaison Officer
Jonathan Wright – Senior Projects Manager
Joe Dunne – Senior Projects & Food Partnership Manager

Rachael Proud – Active Travel Team Leader / Pedestrian Training
James Walton – Active Travel Trainer
Dan Gill – Active Travel Trainer
Julie Brown – Active Travel Trainer
Rebecca Robson – Active Travel Trainer

Dave Rooks – Active Travel Trainer
Maria Jowers – Cycle Centre Receptionist
Emerald Li – Cycle Centre Receptionist

Matthew Allen – Climate Action Middlesbrough Co-Ordinator
Aurianna Najah – Climate Action Middlesbrough Project Officer
David Scriven – Climate Action Middlesbrough Project Officer
Kevin McGrother – Food for the Planet Officer
Karen Lewis –
Horticulture Officer
 Robinson – Rooted in Nature Engagement Officer

Matt Blackburn – Co-ordinator
Connor Mullan – Sustainable Living Trainer
Lesley Lowe – Sustainable Living Trainer
Kim Baines – Sustainable Living Trainer
Jayne Robinson – Sustainable Living Trainer
Carolyn Hill – Sustainable Living Trainer
Janet Hodgson – Sustainable Living Trainer
James Stubbs – Sustainable Living Trainer
Sandra Hickey – Healthy Cooking Assistant
Christine Fearon – Affordable Warmth Advisor

Lisa Harris – Eco Shop Co-ordinator

Nicky Morgan – Forest School Practitioner
Emma Phillips – Forest School Practitioner
Connor Champion – Green Shoots Assistant

Philip Russell – Media Relations Officer