Food for the Planet

Food For The Planet is a national campaign highlighting, and tackling, the environmental impact of the food industry. It is a campaign of Sustainable Food Places, and is led by the food and farming charity Sustain. It aims to address a key hole in the UK’s commitment to Net Zero by 2050 by focusing on sustainable, local foods: After all, the UK will not reach its commitment to Net Zero by 2050 without transforming how land is used and reducing food waste and consumption of the most carbon-intensive foods.

Did you know that the food industry is responsible for around 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions?

Or that a Spaghetti Bolognese made with lentils has only around a third of the carbon emissions of its beef equivalent?

In Middlesbrough, we are working with public sector bodies and others to find ways of reducing their carbon footprint, with a focus on serving less but better meat. From pre-school to elderly care, and in schools and further and higher education, staff are being encouraged to look at their menus to make sure they are not only healthy, nutritious and cost-effective, but also minimise their environmental impact. Through training events, online learning and face-to-face help and advice, organisations throughout the town are being supported to make their catering more sustainable.


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