Hearty Beats Forest School

Hearty Beats – The Project

Hearty-BEATS (Better Eating and Activity Through Schools) is a project which helps primary schools run activities promoting healthy hearts and lifestyles to pupils and their family members. This will be achieved through a variety of activities addressing healthy food within the school setting and at home, cooking skills, urban farming, physical activities, and the offer of health checks to family members.

Hearty Beats Forest School

The Hearty Beats Forest School is a service available for schools to help teachers, pupils and parents get in touch with nature. We have run these sessions in the past, and have always received positive feedback for the experience provided for everyone. Our hands on training and organised sessions will help children and teachers glean a number of skills, as well as experience a number of activities, in a friendly environment.

From fire-lighting to safely utilising tools, teachers, pupils and their parents alike can benefit from these practical sessions. It will help them to develop social skills, and will also provide a safe environment in which to meet new friends, united in common interest in the environment. All will be encouraged to explore their environment and try new things, helping to boost their confidence. The experience outdoors will also provide an avenue to boost their physical and mental health by getting in touch with the natural wonders that surround them.


If you’d like to know more about Forest Schools, please contact Nicky Morgan

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We would like to sincerely thank Ian Paine for this fantastic video covering our Forest Schools project. We would also like to thank the brilliant children and wonderful staff of Caldicotes Primary and Brambles Farm Primary Schools for agreeing to take part in this short film!


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