Kelly Mckie – Breakthrough award winner

Kelly Mckie receives her award from Tom Ashford, from HSBC UK.

Kelly is employed by Middlesbrough Environment City through the Prices Trust Talent Match programme on a Local Environment Services apprenticeship.  Kelly has progressed very well on her apprenticeship and is due to complete her course in December.

Please see Kelly’s story below:-

Kelly, now 24, was in and out of the care system from the age of two.

“Experiences in my childhood destroyed my confidence.  I’d get angry and aggressive at school for no reason and when people tried to help, I got scared they’d hurt me, and I rebelled.”

She tried to go to college but it was too much and she left early.

“I got depressed and started drinking and taking drugs as a way of coping.  Then my dad died and that’s when I hit self-destruct.  Suicide seemed my only way out.”

When Kelly’s stepmother realised the gravity of her situation, she asked her to move in with her and helped her get clean.

Kelly was then referred to Talent Match and went on to complete Team, a 12-week Prince’s Trust programme that builds sills and confidence so young people are better equipped to secure work.

She also flourished on the “Get Started with Health and Fitness” programme and joined the Youth Panel, which helps make decisions about young people’s pathways.

She said “I’ve learned so much about myself and what I’ve got to give because of The Prince’s Trust.”

“If it wasn’t for them, I’d be dead in a gutter.  They have picked me up so many times.  Thanks to them I’ve finally got a job at Middlesbrough Environment City and a life I enjoy and feel in control of.”


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