Growing Middlesbrough

Growing Middlesbrough is a town wide initiative to improve access to local food – that is food that has been grown or produced within 50 miles of the town. It acts as a network of local food producers, retailers and enthusiasts that work together to satisfy customer demands.

The ability to buy local food is something that is becoming of more concern to everyone right now. We are starting to care about what we eat and where it actually comes from. Whether it has been grown or produced locally, whether vegetables or meat, more people want to go local for food. It doesn’t just support the local economy, but also reduces your carbon footprint significantly.

The following website can provide you with information and more on how to get involved with Growing Middlesbrough. Whether you are a grower and/or producer of good local food, or even a local caterer looking to highlight the tastes of the region, we would be more than happy to welcome you to the family.

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