Good Food Economy – Understanding Sustainability Survey

The Good Food Economy – understanding sustainability campaign is an initiative supported by Sustainable Food Places delivered by Food and Drink North East in partnership with Sustainable Food City Members; Food Newcastle, Food Durham and Middlesbrough Food Partnership.

From the farm gate to manufacturers, businesses from across our regional food and drink supply chain are encouraged to complete this 5 minute survey to assist us in building a better picture of our region’s aspirations around sustainability and its relationship to food and drink.

Making Good Food accessible and inclusive is critical to our public health and wellbeing, moreover, it helps create jobs, build sustainable businesses, shared prosperity and a positive future outlook.

In time, this can help us regenerate and repurpose our high streets, city centres and rural food destinations whilst shortening supply chain and retaining wealth within the region.

FADNE Founder and CEO, Chris Jewitt said: “This survey is part of a wider campaign and strategy to add focus to the Good Food produced in our region but at the same time a call to improve productivity, becoming less reliable on imports. Good Food should absolutely be a defining characteristic of our region, inspiring food entrepreneurs, next generation farming and innovative peri urban enterprises that strive to grow the region’s larder making Good Food truly accessible to all.”

The deadline to complete the survey is October 10th, and can be completed at


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