For over 10 years Middlesbrough has been a Fairtrade Town and has ran a full range of events and campaigns. Middlesbrough successfully renewed its Fairtrade status in March 2018.

Fairtrade in Middlesbrough is managed by the Middlesbrough Fairtrade Steering Group who are working hard to make Fairtrade products more accessible to all. Since 2009, we have seen an ever-expanding range of products and outlets throughout Middlesbrough. There are now over 100 places where Fairtrade products can be purchased and enjoyed, all of these are available in our Middlesbrough Fairtrade Directory.

There are many benefits to Fairtrade – not only does the campaign promote social justice for producers in developing countries, it also demonstrates Middlesbrough’s commitment to global issues and helps improve consumer choice.

How can you get involved?

Everyone can help support Middlesbrough’s Fairtrade campaign. We can all make a difference, here are some top tips:

  • Look out for the Fairtrade Foundation mark, and buy products as part of your shopping
  • If a shop doesn’t stock the Fairtrade products you want, ask them! A shop may not be aware of the demand.
  • Get involved with Middlesbrough Fairtrade campaign.
  • Look out for the Middlesbrough A Fairtrade Town window sticker in cafes, workplaces or a community organisation if they don’t have one as them if they want to get involved too.

For more information email: rachael.proud@Menvcity.org.uk

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