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Growing Middlesbrough

Growing Middlesbrough is a town wide initiative to improve access to local food – that is food that has been grown or produced within 50 miles of the town. It acts as a network of local food producers, retailers and enthusiasts that work together to satisfy customer demands.

The ability to buy local food is something that is becoming of more concern to everyone right now. We are starting to care about what we eat and where it actually comes from. Whether it has been grown or produced locally, whether vegetables or meat, more people want to go local for food. It doesn’t just support the local economy, but also reduces your carbon footprint significantly.

The following website can provide you with information and more on how to get involved with Growing Middlesbrough. Whether you are a grower and/or producer of good local food, or even a local caterer looking to highlight the tastes of the region, we would be more than happy to welcome you to the family.

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For over 10 years Middlesbrough has been a Fairtrade Town and has ran a full range of events and campaigns. Middlesbrough successfully renewed its Fairtrade status in March 2018.

Food Power

Middlesbrough Food Power is working to tackle the rising level of food insecurity across Middlesbrough, by supporting people with effective advice, useful skills and a strong support network. Creating an easy sign posting tool and confidence throughout organisations and individuals wanting to make a change throughout Middlesbrough.

Nutritional Interventions

The Healthy Cooking Team deliver cooking skills to the Middlesbrough community.

The service we deliver is bespoke, addressing the needs of the organisation or community group we are working in partnership with. Sessions can include cooking on a budget, healthy eating, basic cooking skills, train the trainer sessions and Level 2 accredited food safety training. We have recently delivered a slow cooker project which has proven very popular with our residents.

We work in the community, taking equipment and resources and require only a room, hot water and washing facilities to deliver our sessions.

We work in community hubs, schools, churches and with community groups across Middlesbrough. Our aim is to teach residents how to cook nutritious meals for all the family and to deliver the healthy eating messages in a relaxed and informal way. Residents get the chance to try the food, ask questions and develop new cooking skills in a friendly atmosphere.

Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme

The team are also partners for the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme; promoting suitable venues in the Middlesbrough area for Mothers who want to breast feed their babies without prejudice.

Look out for the Breastfeeding welcome logos displayed in and around Middlesbrough.

For more information and how to be involved in this scheme please contact our team at Middlesbrough Environment city.