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The work involving the Community Patchwork Orchard.

Patchwork Orchard Map

The fruit trees and fruit shrubs identified in this map have been reported by the general public and not necessarily verified by landowner.

This map should only act as a guide to where fruit can be found, and unless otherwise stated, permission must be gained from the landowner before you enter any land and pick any fruit. Middlesbrough Environment City does not accept any responsibility for damage, trespassing, injury and/ or taking of fruit.

To filter the map based on variety of fruit, click  and select/deselect accordingly.

Middlesbrough Patchwork Orchard

The Community Patchwork Orchard Project aims to bring more free, fresh and healthy fruit to the people of Middlesbrough.

Across Middlesbrough are a number of public sites, easily accessible to the public, where fruit trees and fruit bushes are growing. Unfortunately, they may not have been appropriately maintained and managed and may require some TLC, such as pruning and maintenance. Likewise, these sites are often missed by the public, who may not know which fruit trees and bushes are safe to forage.

The Community Patchwork Orchard Project aims to bring more free, fresh and healthy fruit to the people of Middlesbrough by:

  • Mapping fruit trees, bushes and other foraging spots which people can access easily and safely for their own use.
  • Harvesting and distributing surplus fruit to the people who need it most.
  • Helping people learn how to look after their own trees and those closest to them.
  • Creating new areas of patchwork orchards for future communities.

You can help us to accomplish our goals by:

  • Telling us when you find a fruit tree, bush or other foraging spot so we can add it to our map.
  • Learn new skills, whether helping to care for trees, harvest fruit and more.
  • Let us know about the communities that could benefit from free, healthy food.
  • Share what you know with others to help them gain vital skills.

On top of this, we also have a number of opportunities for volunteering, providing advice, support and training in areas such as healthy cooking skills and maintenance of trees.