Our Active Travel team deliver Bikeability training to Primary Schools across the Tees Valley. Bikeability, overseen by the Bikeability Trust, is the Department for Transport’s flagship national cycle training programme for schoolchildren across England and is a practical, framework-driven training system designed to develop the skills of children, as well as their confidence, to allow them to cycle safely. In doing so, it improves their health and also works towards the reduction of carbon emissions from cars.

Bikeability focuses on all levels of riders, from children who are just starting on their cycling journey to more experienced riders, and teaches a mastery of basic skills as well as other skills including safety checks, communicating with other road users and suitable ride positions, amongst other things.

Our Active Travel team, left to right: James Walton, Rachael Proud, Julie Brown and Dan Gill

Our Active Travel team are trained to exacting standards to teach Bikeability, and are certified by 1st 4 Sport for Instructing Cycle Training, some of the first in the country to be certified to this standard which will become mandatory for teaching Bikeability in March 2024.

Our Active Travel team deliver Bikeability sessions to dozens of kids a day, to many different schools, and have been doing so for several years. As such, they are highly qualified leaders in Bikeability training and are more than capable of delivering the training safely and effectively. For more information on Bikeability for schools, please enquire with Margaret Tonkin at, or call us on 01542 579820.


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