Middlesbrough Food Partnership

Middlesbrough Food Action Plan

Aims to make the town a place where local people can eat good quality, healthy food that is easy to buy, offers value for money and is produced locally wherever possible.

The choices that we all make about food have far reaching consequences for our health, well-being, the environment and the prosperity of the town.  Food is a valuable resource and people should have the opportunity to eat healthy and sustainable food that is easier to buy and offers value for money.

The Food Action Plan provide a way for all residents + businesses to get involved in sustainable food




The Middlesbrough Food Partnership reviews Middlesbrough’s town-wide approach to food. The Partnership includes individuals, community groups, organisations, businesses and Middlesbrough Council.  It has identified a number of shared priorities and actions that can be taken to make sure Middlesbrough has a more sustainable and secure food future.  The actions are summarised here, in the Food Action Plan.

The Food Charter helps guide households and organisations to take positive actions towards the shared goals of the Food Action Plan.  Please consider what you can do to help and show your support by signing the Food Charter and committing to the aims of the Plan.