Middlesbrough Food Partnership

Middlesbrough Food Partnership aims to make the town a place where local people can eat good quality, healthy food that is easy to buy, offers value for money and is produced locally wherever possible.

The choices that we all make about food have far reaching consequences for our health, well-being, the environment and the prosperity of the town. Food is a valuable resource and people should have the opportunity to eat healthy and sustainable food that is easier to buy and offers value for money. We operate in three key areas: Business, People and Environment.


The Food Partnership will support local businesses and settings to procure and provide healthy and sustainable food to boost local prosperity, encourage healthy eating and protect the environment.


The Food Partnership will inspire and enable the local food culture so that all residents have access to buy, grow, produce and cook affordable, affordable, healthy and sustainable food.

Individuals, businesses and households can view how to help here.


The Food Partnership will help residents and businesses to minimise, recycle and compost food related waste either individually or collectively to increase sustainability of local food.