My Life

The programme runs over 12 weeks and is a mixture of interesting and fun group sessions, supported by 1-1 coaching aimed at promoting self-management and encouraging people to take more control of their life.

My Life Programme video

At the first session all participants get the opportunity to introduce themselves, acquaint themselves with the venue and facilities. The content of future programmes is introduced, and the team supporting them, through coaching or peer mentoring. This, along with some self-determined ‘ground rules’ sets the scene for the rest of the programme.

There is great value for participants in meeting up again. We facilitate this at the post programme 1 stage. The benefits of this include:

  • Taking Control
  • Independent living – Using Technology
  • Through the Maze
  • Getting Involved
  • My Place
  • Follow Ups
  • Evaluation

The Team

Jenny Penketh
Liz Allen
Val Lambert
Rose Curry
Emma Briggs
Jane Simpson

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