Hearty Beats Gardening Club

Hearty Beats – The Project

Hearty-BEATS (Better Eating and Activity Through Schools) is a project which helps primary schools run activities promoting healthy hearts and lifestyles to pupils and their family members. This will be achieved through a variety of activities addressing healthy food within the school setting and at home, cooking skills, urban farming, physical activities, and the offer of health checks to family members.

Hearty Beats – The Gardening Club

For schools with a school garden, or who are interested in helping their pupils to grow, Hearty Beats are offering a new Gardening Club. Middlesbrough Environment City are always ecstatic to see the younger generations grow in regards to the environment, and helping them to grow their own plants and vegetables is the perfect first step to fostering an interest in all things gardening.

It will help to plant the seed of knowledge within their minds, developing their understanding of nature and how their food grows. It will also provide them with a suitable and friendly environment that will help them to expand their social skills and meet new friends through a mutual interest in gardening.


You can contact either Nicky or Emily for more information. They can be reached:

By Phone

01642 579839

01642 579820

By E-mail