Middlesbrough’s Food Action Plan

In 2010-11, Middlesbrough Environment City co-ordinated the development and launch of a town-wide Food Action Plan. The Food Action Plan was influenced by Middlesbrough’s innovative Healthy Town programme, the One Planet Living framework and public health priorities.

Since then, Middlesbrough has been designated One Planet Living status, with a work programme to help local people live healthier and more sustainable lives in a way that often saves money.

The Middlesbrough Food Partnership continues to review Middlesbrough’s town-wide approach to food. The Partnership has identified a number of shared priorities and actions that can be taken to make sure Middlesbrough has a more sustainable and secure food future. The actions are summarised in the Food Action Plan, which can be found by clicking the image below. The Food Action Plan provides a way for all residents and businesses to get involved in sustainable food.