Bike Library

The Project

Middlesbrough Bike Library is a free to use Bike loan service.

Located within Middlesbrough Cycle Centre the bikes can be loaned free of charge and be used to partake in a range of activities to promote healthy living, social inclusion and to have fun! Activities include: guided rides in the local community, basic bike skills and maintenance courses. They can also be used to give the freedom to ride with family and friends and for commuting purposes.

Various sizes and style of bikes are available on a first come first served basis (please call to check availability) and can be booked for up to 14 days (bookings can be extended if required upon request).

Photo I.D is required for your first visit only.

Opening hours are 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday, with a half hour break for lunch at 13:00. Saturday opening hours are 09:00 to 17:00.

Further information on the Yorkshire Bank Bike Library Scheme can be found here:

Donate a Bike!

Let someone new love your old bike. Even if they are broken or a little worse for wear, we will repair and recycle the bikes you donate, helping them find a new home in the community.

There are so many benefits to you donating any old or unloved bikes. There’ll be opportunities for children and adults to learn how to cycle, get involved in a wide range of fun cycling activities, improve their fitness and learn about local safe cycling routes and basic bike maintenance. We’ll also be helping to reduce carbon¬†emissions by getting people out of their cars and into the saddle, whilst reducing landfill and helping our environment.

To arrange to donate a bike please contact Middlesbrough Cycle Centre on: 01642 219620