The Big Dig

Project Aim

To get more people involved in growing food.


The Project

The Big Dig is all about getting more people growing food.  It’s a nationwide project with more and more individuals and groups getting involved day by day.

We are wanting to hear from individuals that are interested in finding out more about growing food.

We are also interested in linking up with groups/organisations that are involved in growing projects and would like to look at getting individuals to help them with their projects.

Growing food has many personal benefits with many people finding they lose weight and feel fitter, others enjoy the company of the other growers on our community allotment sites, many enjoy learning about growing their own food and how easy it can be, and then there are the cost savings that can be made from growing and eating your own food.

Growing food locally is truly a win win situation.  It’s great for the environment!  Cutting out damaging factors like; intensive farming practices, use of chemicals, carbon dioxide produced from transportation, no plastic waste packaging or need for preservatives.

An altogether healthier way of living for you and the planet.


Project Duration

1st March 2012 to 31st August 2013


Project Funder

The project is match funded between the central government’s ‘Social Action Fund’ and Middlesbrough Council’s ‘Joint Investment Program’.


How to get Involved

Growing is a great thing to do.  Contact Mark Quinn using the details below.


Contact Details

Project staff: Mark Quinn
Telephone: 01642 653273


Useful Links

Big Dig National Website

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